Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I book with?

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How Often Should I Get A Haircut?

This will vary, based on how long your hair is and what maintenance schedule you would like to keep, but we find that most of our shorter hair guests come back in every 4 weeks to get a haircut.

How Often Should I Get My Hair Colored?

This is definitely something you should ask your stylist in person because the needs of your hair and the look you are trying to maintain will vary, but we generally see color touchups around 4 to 6 weeks. But during our consultation, your stylist will let you know what is best for you and the health of your hair.

How Long Does A Balayage Take?

This service is such a personalized one filled with customized color and varying on the length and thickness of your hair. We provide a thorough consultation for you when you are in the chair and will explain the whole process to you and the time it will take.

How Often Should I Return To Maintain My Balayage?

Although a Balayage is a lower maintenance look, we do suggest returning for glaze services and root colors every 6 weeks.

How Long Does A Glaze Service Last?

Approximately 4 weeks while your using professional home care products such as Redken and Pureology.

How Long Do Treatments Last?

Depending on the treatment you receive, as well as the use of professional home care products, such as Redken and Pureology, they generally last around 6 weeks.

How Do I Know Which Home Care Products Are Best For My Hair?

All of our stylists are educated in Redken and Pureology, the industry’s leading Hair Products. Based off of the needs or your hair, and the problems you are having, our stylists will recommend the best products as the solutions to those troubles.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

This service requires that you come in for a free consultation first so we can color match your hair and discuss all the options available to give you the look you want to achieve. Because of the sheer volume of possibilities in the hair extension arena, including what types of hair extensions you would like (tape-ins, fusions and hand-tied) we do not store extensions on-site. Because of this, we have to order the extensions after we determine the best color fit for you in your consultation. We will collect a deposit for the hair at that time and then schedule a future appointment with you for your hair extension service.

How Many Stylists Do You Have?

As the market-leading education Salon in our area, we are constantly growing. We have new associates entering the program every month and others graduating the program and going out on to the floor during that same time. We are constantly looking for the next generation of enthusiastic, willing and career-minded stylists to grow within our Salon and in our industry.

What Is The Associate Program?

We believe that our Associate Program is the Keystone of our Salon Company. When someone graduates Cosmetology school, they receive the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in the beauty industry. After they graduate, they begin the next phase of their career through the Associate Program where they are teamed up with one of our Leading Educators who teach them real-world experience and give them hands-on training and guidance. From service standards to extensive color and cutting knowledge, our Associates are guided through everything which will give them the tools for success they need to be out on the floor. Graduating our Associate program is like receiving a Masters Degree in the industry.

What Is The Stylist Level System?

All of our Stylists are in different service pricing levels. This is determined based on the demand for their time. As a Stylist grows their business the prices for their services are adjusted based on that demand and the amount of time they have available to provide Salon services to their guests.