Rising Stars

Introducing our Rising Stars Program!

When a stylist graduates from Cosmetology School, they are officially a hairstylist. But, here at Sahair Salon, we push ourselves to go above and beyond what the rest of the industry considers “good enough” and we take our new hires through a nine-month intensive Associate Program.


In this Program, our top stylists are training the future of this industry with dedicated ‘hands-on' training in order to provide all of their knowledge and skills to these fast learning Associates.


We are excited to announce we have special offers for anyone who wants to have their hair professionally done by one of our Rising Stars for a special price.

This offer is valid with Associates and Level 1 Stylists only.

Rising Stars:

a person or thing that is growing quickly in popularity or importance in a particular field. 

The Sahair Rising Stars Program is our way of building the business of our new talent! Each stylist that offers the Rising Star Program have not only passed our salon recruiting and audition process but are also involved in our advanced training Associate Program and backed Salon's Top Educators and Talent!



with Associates &

 Level 1 Stylists only: 



Certain conditions apply: offer valid with Associate and Level 1 stylists only. and subjects to availability. Details may change without notice. Additional charges may apply. No other offer is valid with this program.