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Each year we celebrate our TEAM SPIRIT together every day for an entire week. We bring in outside guest speakers for our team such as Yoga Instructors, Financial Planners, and High-Level Coaches and trainers from outside our industry to help us grow not only as Hairstylists loving what we do every day but as people in this beautiful world.

To top it off, we have a theme for our dress each day. It's a great time to express ourselves in a fun way! So if you have an appointment that week, here is what you can expect to see us dress in:

Sunday 19th Dress: Camo Cowboy day or City Slicker day Monday 20th Dress: Movie Star Monday Red Carpet Day or Wear Red Tuesday 21st Dress: Ferris Bueller's Day Off wear PJ, Sweats & Slippers Wednesday 22nd Dress: We Wear Pink From the Movie Mean Girls Thursday 23rd Dress: Throw Back Thursday Back to the future day, 80s day or futuristic Friday 24th Dress: Wear your High School colors Saturday 25 Dress: Going to the beach day

Join us that day and Celebrate with us! We would love to see you dress just like we are. And guess what...If you dress in the "Theme of the Day" we will give you 20% off any retail purchase that day!

Even if you don't have a hair appointment that week, drop in dressed like us and receive 20% off any retail purchase on your visit!

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