Oil-Free Camouflage

Up first, our best-selling concealer formula, Oil-Free Camouflage. This is the concealer you’ll reach for when you need maximum coverage for heavy-duty spot treatment. Scars, bruising, inflamed acne, tattoos, hyperpigmentation- the list of uses are virtually endless. Oil-Free Camouflage is less emollient than our other concealer formulas, which gives it a thicker feel that won’t slide off oily skin. This formula also makes an incredible lid primer, with a natural, skin-like finish! Did we mention it’s available in six shades to match any Glo foundation?

Under Eye Concealer

Let’s start with the obvious, Under Eye Concealer contains two shades within one product. Why you might ask? Because the deeper shade is for concealing/cancelling out unwanted hues and the lighter shade is for brightening and lifting the area. When using Under Eye Concealer, remember to cancel out the issue before you cover it up. This formula is more emollient than Oil Free Camouflage, meaning it spreads and blends easier. The creamier formula and corrective and brightening duo make it the perfect product for your under-eye area. Did we mention you can use it to spot treat on drier skin types? Also available in six complexion shades to help correct and conceal.

Liquid Bright Concealer

Our third concealer formula, Liquid Bright Concealer bridges the gap between concealing and highlighting. With three different shades, you can color correct, spot treat, highlight and brighten and in one. If you’re going to use a complexion item as a highlight instead of a traditional highlight formula, our artists ALWAYS recommend these magic wands.

Choosing your shade depends entirely on your complexion and needs. High Beam is perfect for maximum highlighting and spot treating fair complexions. Brighten features yellow undertones to reduce redness on light complexions and highlight light to medium complexions. Sunburst eliminates dark brown/purple coloring with its peach undertones- perfect for addressing under eye circles and hyperpigmentation. Sunburst is also ideal for highlighting medium to deep complexions.


Oil-Free Camouflage and Under Eye Concealer

With traditional concealing formulas, our artists recommend choosing a tool based on the size of the area you wish to conceal. For maximum coverage, try Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush; for smaller areas, we recommend Full Coverage Camouflage Brush. Regardless, make sure you’re using a dense brush that allows you to press the formula into your skin. 

You can choose to apply Oil Free Camouflage and Under Eye Concealer either under your foundation or on top of your foundation. When using Glo Skin Beauty foundation, we recommend concealing on top of your foundation. Our base formulas provide ample coverage and by applying your base first, you’ll find you end up needing less concealer! Who doesn’t like saving products?

Liquid Bright Concealer

Because Liquid Bright Concealer is more of a highlight/brightening tool, we recommend using a soft, fluffy brush, like Dual Fiber Eye Brush to blend. The doe-foot applicator allows you to pinpoint your product placement but the right brush will help you blend out your product in a controlled manner.

Due to its lightweight formula, we also recommend applying Liquid Bright Concealer on top of your foundation for best results.

Concealing Tips

Less is More

It can be so tempting to want to layer product in hopes of concealing a blemish but in doing so, you’re actually drawing more attention to the spot. Keep it light and natural for the best results. If you really feel like you need additional layers, make sure to give the product ample time to set on the skin before applying more.

Concealer isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Our concealers work great for any skin type, but they still have their specialities. Oil-Free Camouflage is great for anyone with oily skin since it’s a thicker formula that won’t slide around and Under Eye Concealer is perfect for drier skin types because of its creamy, hydrating ingredients. Remember to choose your concealer based on your skin type and your concealing need. You may find that you use multiple concealers in the same routine!

Prep and Set

These are such important steps in ensuring your hard work lasts all day. To prep, use a lightweight eye cream like Eye Restore to smooth and hydrate. To set, you can always use a traditional setting powder or setting spray but our artists especially love using Pressed Base to set. It’s already your perfect shade and the semi-matte formula blends seamlessly onto the skin.

Other Products

When applying additional products like blush or bronzer, be mindful of concealed areas. You never want to aggressively brush or sweep product on top of concealer, as it will move the concealer around. Instead, remember to pat and stipple in order to achieve a stunning end result.

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