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Located in Parker, Colorado, Sahair is a full-service hair salon made up of highly-educated industry experts who believe in creating styles that bring out the best in their guests.  We believe in continuous education and are constantly striving to improve ourselves not only in our careers but as people too. We believe in teamwork at all levels and as a team, we are devoted to creating an amazing Salon experience for you... our guest.  


At Sahair Salon, our mission is to provide our guests with a wonderful and unique Salon experience through beauty, personal well-being, and environmental responsibility.  In parallel, we will provide a home for dedicated, knowledgeable and kind people who believe in the philosophy of taking care of each other and the world around us.

Sahair Salon is proud to be part of the Summit Salon Community. Summit Salons are made up of thousands of graduates from The Summit Salon Business Center. Every member of our Leadership Team has graduated from this phenomenal Business Course, and we are thrilled to be able to share this amazing program with our guests and our staff.

Summit Salon Business Center is the world’s largest salon seminar, training and consulting company, growing high quality, sustainable salons, focused on amazing guest experience. Here at Sahair Salon, our business policies and practices are all guided by, “The Triple Win”.

“The Triple Win” is…if something is good for Our Guests and good for Our Staff, then it is good for Our Salon."

Overall Summit Salons offer better service, complete consultations, consistent pricing, ample booking times, and a guarantee you will always receive the complete customer care, service and relaxation you deserve.


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